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Village of Greich Pictures: (click to enlarge)

The view from Haus Montanara toward Brig. The village of Ried-Mörel is in the foreground.
From a little higher up in the meadow. Notice your vacation house in the foreground? (The white wall just left of the cows.)
From below Haus Montanara, looking up the hill. Your condo is in the middle.
From below Haus Montanara, looking up the hill (zoomed). Your condo is on the right. The house on the left was built in 1611. Notice the top of the Riederalp cable-car in the background, where the ski area starts.
Greich village. Haus Montanara is at the end of the road (not visible).
Tiny chapel in Greich.
Greich village chapel.
Greich as seen from above from the Riederhorn. Notice the cable-car tower: this is where you exit the cable-car and ride the elevator down the tower to get to your condo! Montanara is on the far right.
The cable-car tower in Greich: this is where you exit the cable-car and ride the elevator down the tower to get to your condo! Very unique!
Here's one of the locals with the village of Ried-Mörel behind him.
Fall colors looking toward Ried-Mörel.
Fall colors looking toward Ried-Mörel.
Hiking around Greich.
Hiking around Greich.
This fine young lady lives down the road...
Cool fall days in the village of Goppisberg, just a short stroll from Greich.
You don't believe the view?
Sunset from Haus Montanara.
Warm glow in the front window.

Riederalp/Bettmeralp Winter Pictures:

Sunrise from Haus Montanara.
From Riederalp: Notice the tower of Greich on the bottom left of the picture.
From Riederalp: Look carefully for the Matterhorn in the distance.
Riederalp with ski school.
Main street in Bettmeralp.
Bettmeralp chapel and sledding.
Only part of the Bettmeralp ski area as seen from the Bettmerhorn gondola.
Looking back at Bettmeralp and Riederalp from Bettmerhorn gondola.
Beware: do not go down this ski tunnel unless you really know what you're doing!
Fiescher glacier from Eggishorn.
Lunch at 9500 ft on Eggishorn.
Aletsch glacier looking North toward the Jungfraujoch from Eggishorn.
Turning to the left from last picture facing East. Note Matterhorn in the distance, Aletsch glacier on right, and ski run on left on mountainside.
Ski run down Eggishorn.
Looking back up at the Eggishorn.
Furri Hütte lodge on Riederalp.
Tired legs. (Greich main road.)
Playing in our meadow. (Montanara on Left)
Panorama of Riederalp and Bettmerhorn from Via Cassel/Riederfurka (March 2007)

Panorama of Bettmerhorn, Bettmeralp, & Aletsch Glacier from the top of the Moosfluh gondola (March 2007)

Palm trees in Switzerland? Go to Locarno/Ascona when you want to get away from the snow! Only 2 hours by train.

Riederalp/Bettmeralp Summer/Fall Pictures:

Hiking in fall.
Hiking in fall.
Hiking in fall.
Looking over the ridge from the top of the chairlift: the Aletsch Glacier, the longest in Europe (15 mi)
Hiking by the Aletsch Glacier
View from the Bettmerhorn
Hiking down from the Bettmerhorn
On top of Riederhorn
Time to feed baby Evi! It's a short hike; if a 2 month old can make it up here, so can you!
(Fall 2007)

Haus Montanara Landlords:

Urs & Darlene (my parents)
Dick & Patti

Video clips (.avi -- warning, large files):

Click here (22 Mb) Greich Panorama
Click here (15 Mb) Panorama with cows in foreground
Click here (24 Mb) Panorama around Haus Montanara
Click here (26 Mb) Cows on the pasture in Greich

Quicktime interactive:

Click here (2.2 Mb) Panorama from top of Riederalp/Moosfluh gondola (ski area) toward Bettmerhorn and Aletsch glacier
Click here (1.3 Mb) Panorama from Via Cassel area looking down on Riederalp
Click here (204 Kb) Panorama from top of Moosfluh (ski area)

Other Pictures:

Haus Montanara Webcam (Replaced August 2011) with user controls! See what it looks like right now!

Aletsch Region Map with webcams

Beautiful Riederalp Pictures by Ueli Raz. MUST SEE large pictures of Riederalp, Greich village, hiking in autumn (not posted on our website due to copyright).

Fullscreen Aletsch Panoramas (Flash) from the Bettmeralp, Bettmersee, Marjelensee, top of the Eggishorn, etc. Pick viewing location at bottom left of screen.
Other Panoramas of Switzerland from (Spectacular large-format.)

Riederalp webcams:
     Riederalp Live Ski-area webcam
     Riederalp Village webcam
     Riederalp Village webcam 2 (from Art Furrer Hotel)
     Berghotel Riederfurka
     Riederalp Tourist Office
     Alpenrose Hotel
     Furri Hütte
     Mörel (in valley) webcam
     Wellnesshotels Salina Maris, Breiten/Mörel

Bettmeralp Live Webcams with live pictures of village and ski runs.

Regional Webcams: Webcams all over Switzerland. See what the weather and views are like today!

Ueli Raz autumn hiking pictures of Belalp with Riederalp and the Aletsch glacier in the distance


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